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Tribos 501–Posterior Teeth 


The newly developed system brand 'Tribos 501' encloses the required mounting waxes, appropriate acrylic teeth in 3 morphology studies and an assortment of prosthesis plastics.

With his experience and expert knowledge in the area of "Natural and Functional Prosthesis" (NFP) Dieter Schulz was significantly involved in the development of the construction morphology.

The primary morphology corresponds to the morphology of a young tooth having no abrasion, nor contact surfaces and is therefore very suitable for implants. Image 



 The secondary morphology creates the first abrasive facets and some contact surfaces. In addition the tooth base is reduced.  Image

 Image Image


Unique is the secondary morphology abrasive which is characterized by the morphology of a tooth presenting multiple abrasive facets and multiple contact surfaces guarding a low-pitched cusp. The new tunnel shape of the base of the tooth offers a unique time advantage especially during arrangement.  Image

 Image Image

Due to carefully integrated increase in free space on the occlusal surface of the Tribos 501, a simple balanced set up is achieved, even when mounted on an average-valued articulator. All current concepts of setting up and bite registration can be implemented easy and quick with the Tribos 501. 

The teeth produced in 3 layers possess equal value of quality at almost every area of the tooth and garantee hereby stability of the colors when grinding. By the ideal surface density and surface hardness the Tribos 501 offers excellent firmness against abrasion and is particularly resistant to plaque.

The setting up methodology is comprehensible for every dental technician and can be adopted by the instruction for setting up or by setting up courses. In relation to this setting up methodology gebdi developed a variety of system waxes, which facilitate the setting up considerably und garantee an enormous saving of time.


You can order the new Tribos 501 anterior teeth directly in our shop.  We have developed a unique system for you, which helps you to assemble convenient sets.

You can download a printed shape card here or in our download area.



















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